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Priest Celebrating Mass

Start Your Day With Jesus!

Does your schedule give you time for prayer and worship in the morning? Prayer and worship are an indispensable source of grace we should never neglect. If you are home on a weekday morning, take the opportunity to slip away from the routine of life and step into the Lord’s house for connection with the source of our life.​ Weekday mass is a quiet moment to gather with the faithful who are seeking to be with Jesus to find strength, healing, and peace. It lacks the bustle of the larger crowds on Sunday with little or no music. It is a time for special closeness with Jesus.​


St. Thomas shares priests with Ss. Peter & Paul in nearby in Loretto. Tuesday through Saturday you will find mass offered at Ss. Peter and Paul at 8:30AM, at St. Thomas on Friday and Saturday at 8:30AM. All weekday masses are preceded by confession.​ Weekday morning mass…it’s like a cool summer morning on the deck with a cup of coffee listening to the birds sing, only better!

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