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Future Vision

St. Thomas the Apostle parish is moving forward with plans to upgrade our campus to accommodate expected increases in the size of our community.  We are conducting a capital campaign in 2022 and 2023 that will secure funding for the building project.

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GREAT NEWS! See below for a video of our conceptual plan for our future campus.

New Campus
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June 2022 Update:​

The Facilities Planning is excited to announce that recently, the Archdiocese approved our proxy request for the next phase of planning to build a new church and realign our facilities for the future. Included in the scope of work authorized by this new proxy are the following project tasks:


  • Two Phases of Architectural Services:

    • Schematic Phase: This work will seek to confirm the project design functions, establish a church plan and shape materials, liturgical elements and character. Exterior elements, civil roadways / parking and landscape plans will consist of those within the current site master plan. Concept videos will be created provide a viewable vision of the new church.

    • Design Development Phase: This phase will add specific detail to the Schematic Phase and present, discuss, and finalize options for exterior and interior finishes and develop specific cost estimates based on the selected materials, capacity, and features.

  • Capital Campaign consulting fees to plan and conduct a fundraising capital campaign.

  • Services to evaluate the condition and the remediation of any high-risk or damaged stain glass windows in the current St. Thomas church. These are significant works of art and a substantial part of the parish’s heritage. It is our long-term intention to remove the windows from our current church, restore them, and repurpose the stain glass windows in some capacity in the new church.

  • Consulting services to ready St. Thomas’ site and building plans for submission to the City of Corcoran for approval and adjustments to the plan, if required.


We expect to complete these tasks to be completed by the end of 2022. We will also host another parish-wide meeting this fall to review our progress and seek parishioners’ important feedback. We will also have some new opportunities for parishioners to begin actively becoming involved with our project by serving on a committee. We will provide more information and outreach over the next several months. Please look for futures updates in the bulletin and on our website.


We are grateful for Archbishop Bernard A. Hebda’s support of our project and appreciate your continued support and prayers for our important work.

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