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Mission Quilters

The group gathers in the St. Thomas Church basement on Wednesdays between 9:30am and 2:30pm from January through early May. Coffee and rolls are provided to start your day. Please bring a lunch bag if you plan on staying for the day. All are welcome; it's easy to learn, and kits are available for taking home, including “sewing blocks together” to create a top for a quilt.
Our assembled quilts and blankets are distributed to non-profit organizations, nursing homes, benefits, needy families, and church functions. Some of the quilts are sold at the parish festival, and all the proceeds from those quilts go towards the cost of the parish festival! We support each other in fellowship, faith, and blessings by serving.  
Stop in for an hour or all day. Hope to see you!  Thanks for supporting the Women’s Club! For questions, contact Kathy Gleason at 763.428.4696. God bless!

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