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Liturgical Minister Volunteers

Ministry Scheduler Pro (MSP) is the application the church uses to schedule liturgical minister volunteers for the following positions:


  • Hospitality helps set up coffee, juice, milk, and donuts for fellowship after Mass.

  • The lector is trained to read announcements and scripture and present prayer intentions.

  • EMHC (Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion) is trained to assist the priest in distributing Holy Communion.

  • Usher greets and helps assemble parishioners and visitors to Mass. They also assist with offering collection. 

Ministry Scheduler Pro

MSP is packed with features, including automatic email reminders, options to keep your family scheduled together, online sub-requests, and more. Click the link below to view the schedule. You may also log in and edit your own availability, enter vacation dates, and create or respond to sub-requests.


Access the MSP Web Terminal & Mobile App User Guide below.

Volunteers can download a free app on their iOS or Android device to view their scheduled services, request subs, and update their availability on their devices. After downloading, you'll need the following Organization ID to sign in: Philomena

A short video on how to use the MSP mobile app is available here.

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