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St. Thomas the Apostle is a Roman Catholic Church founded in 1896 in Corcoran, MN, and is part of the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. It’s a vibrant parish where area Catholics of all ages come to worship, reflect, educate, gather, grow in faith, and generously help those in need. The mission of St. Thomas Church is to lead all souls to Jesus Christ. 

St. Thomas is part of a parish cluster with Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Loretto, MN. A parish cluster means two or more parishes share a pastor. Clustered parishes may also share some staff and programming. Parishes in a cluster arrangement retain their parish status and basic organizational structure. Clustering does not necessarily lead to a merger of parishes.

Meet the Staff

In addition to paid staff, St. Thomas is supported by various groups of dedicated parishioners (see trustees, councils, and committees below).

Parish Trustees

Roger Litchy

Tom Hudinsky

Finance Council

Carl Thelen (Chair)

Rick Fadgen (Vice Chair)

Mike Socha

John Ritz

Parish Pastoral Council 

Brady Day (Chair)

Justin Leighton

Open spot #1

Open spot #2

Open spot #3

Open spot #4

Facilities Planning Committee

Carl Thelen (Chair)

Steve Schmitz (Vice Chair)

Fr. Glen Jenson

Susan Wieneke

Jim Warwa

Jamie Heuton

Roger Litchy

Tom Hudinsky

Rick Fadgen

Brady Day

Cory Plotts

Cate Dugan

Susan Wieneke (Chair) 

Cate Dugan

Cindy Patnode

Kim Day

Jamie Heuton

Michelle Bartlett

  • “Archdiocese” means that certain corporate entity formed, maintained, and existing under Minnesota Section 315.16 with the Minnesota Business Name: “The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis”.

  • “Parish” means a Parish within the Archdiocese Territory that is Archdiocese-recognized as Catholic.

  • “Parish Pastoral Council” means the canonical consultative body established in a Parish in accordance with canon 536 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law and the policy of the Archdiocese, which provides consultation to the Pastor from a cross-section of parishioners to share thoughts and insights in service to the mission of a specific Parish.

  • “Pastor” means a Parish Pastor or a parochial administrator, as the case may be.

  • “Trustees” means the two lay members of the parish appointed to serve as members and officers of the parish corporation by the Archbishop, the Vicar General and the pastor or a majority of them.

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